create your own service

Don't see something that works for you in my menu of offerings? I'm more than happy to create custom services for any client, whether it includes more pages than one of my standard services, fewer pages, if you want to add a phone call or swap out a synopsis for more pages. I try very hard to accommodate as many of your unique needs as possible, just reach out and we can create something together!

As my manuscript consultant, Mary Kole was like a clam-digger. She put on boots and jumped in to see what she could uncover. She brushed off the mud and dirt of my words, and then picked and poked around until she managed to break the weathered shell of mediocrity open. And while at first I recoiled with the light shining so brightly on my weaknesses of words, when I put my pride aside, I realized Mary’s insights were just what had to happen in order for me to find my pearl inside.
— Tammy