Editing services rates

Rates for consulting services

These rates are for consulting services and remain the same, no matter how long your complete manuscript is.

30-Minute Phone Consultation $149
Query Letter Consultation $149
Query Letter and Synopsis Consultation $249
Synopsis Overhaul $499
Novel Overview (For 50,000 Words) $897

rates for manuscript Editing services

Some of these rates depend on word count, and quoted word counts are examples. Submission Package Edit and 100-Page Edit investments are fixed. Full Manuscript Edit and Reader Report investments will adjust up or down depending on your particular manuscript length. 

Picture Book (Under 600 Words) $299
Picture Book (Over 600 Words) $399
Picture Book (With Illustrations) $399-499
Submission Package Edit $499
Book Proposal Edit $399 and up
100-Page Edit $1,749
Full Manuscript Edit (For 50,000 Words) $3,000
Reader Report (For 50,000 Words) $1,500

I think it would have taken years of trial and error to figure out on my own what I learned from you.
— Jen J.
Mary Kole encourages you to go deeper into your manuscript. You’ll find gems you didn’t know were down there. A wonderful experience.
— L. Jennings