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Picture Book Editing / $299 for under 1,000 words

The picture book market is blazing hot, and a lot of writers are trying the fun and challenging craft of picture book writing. This is an edit of your strongest picture book manuscript (up to 1,000 words, per the prevailing word count requirements in the industry) and will provide you with valuable feedback about your plot, characters, illustration potential, voice, and more. Query letter editing is included, as well as feedback on up to three more paragraph-length pitches for future ideas, if you have them. Today’s picture book writers need a really strong grasp of the form as well as many saleable ideas that will attract the eye of an editor or agent. Most agents will not sign up a picture book creator unless they have at least three truly stellar projects. This edit will help you refine your craft and, more importantly, your thinking about writing for this very specific audience. Longer picture books (over 1,000 words) are $399.

picture book editing with illustrations or dummy / $399

I also love working with author-illustrators. I am happy to do picture book editing with art direction notes. When I was an agent, most of my picture book client list was composed of author/illustrators. If you are also an illustrator, I am happy to review your dummy and provide art notes in addition to manuscript feedback.

I just wanted to let you know how much your notes have helped me. I felt so inspired! I have been working furiously since I received your notes and today presented my revised text and storyboard to my group. I wasn’t sure if my new idea was going to work and, believe me, my writers group would tell me if it was a bad idea. They were thrilled and even got tears in their eyes – I knew I had hit a home run!
— Elizabeth
As a newbie picture book writer, I am glad I decided to enlist Mary’s editorial services. When I read her feedback, it was spot on and gave me a lot to think about. Every piece of feedback was important to improving the picture book’s flow and presenting a professional product. While writing this book, I spent a lot of time reading about the dos and don’ts of writing and I even purchased a book on punctuation. However I can see that hiring a professional to do the editing is imperative. Thanks again, Mary!
— Agnes