Consulting and Editorial Services for Writers

How do you grab the attention of a gatekeeper? How do you land representation from a literary agent or secure a publishing contract? On the other hand, if you’re looking to publish independently or direct-to-ebook, how do you gather a rabid fan base for your work and generate sales?

All you have to do to achieve your writing dream is to craft an amazing book. Nothing else matters. It’s as simple…and as difficult as that. If this sounds daunting or you’ve been discouraged in the past, you don’t have to do it alone. I know just how to help.

As a former literary agent with six years of experience in the publishing industry, an MFA degree, and a book out on the subject of writing children’s novels, I can’t wait to dig into your manuscript. Writers need no-nonsense, business-minded advice from a professional on the inside. At the same time, they work best with other writers — people who know the ups and downs of the creative life and who can appreciate the craft. I can balance between motivating you as an artist and providing practical feedback that could finally turn your publishing dreams into reality.

Whether you are on the first draft of your novel or you have a full, polished manuscript complete…whether you want a quick 5-page consultation or an in-depth edit…whether you are just starting out or itching to break into print after years of trying…I’m qualified to help give your story a happy ending.


Quick answers. Market analysis. Inspiration to take you to the next level.

A publishing consultant is:

  • a thorough, honest, and compassionate set of eyes
  • a trusted voice
  • a brainstorming companion
  • a guru who knows what works and what doesn’t in today’s competitive market

Most agents and editors estimate a rejection rate of 99.99% for debut submissions. By consulting with me on your query, writing sample, app, or book idea, you’ll get an insider on your team to help you become one of the .01%. Since I also have five years of experience in the interactive children’s web industry (working for an app and gaming company that sold to Google), I am just the person you want in your corner for freedback on your ebook or app idea. To learn more, visit my services page.

Editorial Services

The closest read your work has ever had, for serious writers only.

Availability is limited for my editorial services. If you hire me, you’ll understand why. My feedback involves a full line-edit and pages of detailed notes that cover everything from big picture story comments to the smaller issues standing between you and publishing success. One client has called me:

“A one-woman MFA program.”

My goal for your picture book, partial, or a full manuscript critique is to inspire you to do a truly transformational revision. I am honest: anything less would be a waste of your time, and mine. I’m savvy about the market: it was always my job to know what kind of writing sells to publishers, and why, and I pass that knowledge on to you. I’m extremely thorough and precise: when you see my notes, you will know exactly what to do to take your work to the next level. I can motivate you through your biggest blocks: I believe in the artistic journey and in the creative spark of every writer.

My passion is helping you make your work better, stronger, more competitive, and more one-of-a-kind to stand out in today’s extremely competitive children’s book market. Check out my services page for more details.

Feedback From a Publishing Professional

While my personal specialty is children’s literature, from picture books to gritty young adult novels and everything in between, the craft of writing an incredible story is the same across all genres and categories. Please do not hesitate to contact me about fiction on any topic, in any genre, written in any style, and for any audience.

I invite you to explore my bio, learn about my services, read my testimonials, and contact me when you’re ready to revolutionize your manuscript.