Book Editing Services

Writing is an artistic calling, but publishing is a business. How do you reconcile the two? Success in this industry is part talent, part dedication, and part education. Does your story idea work? Is there a market for what you're writing? Are your craft elements working well? You are not alone with your questions. I can help with any question or concern. Learn more about my menu of services, below, or create your own custom package of manuscript critique, novel editing, query letter editing, and more.


30-Minute Phone Consultation

Even if you don't have a complete project, you can still pick my brain about your story concept or the publishing industry. Brainstorm, bounce around ideas, learn about agents, editors, and market trends. I will review up to ten pages of material in preparation for our call. You'll be surprised by how much you can learn. Read more here.

Query and Synopsis Consultation

Query letter editing is a great investment. Thorough notes on the voice, tone, content, presentation, and more of your query letter and synopsis. I'll share my thoughts on your idea and its chances. You may have a great book, but do you have a great pitch? This service will help you stand out in the slush. Read more here.

Submission package edit

This is one of my most popular offerings: Comprehensive query letter editing, synopsis notes, and fiction editing on the first ten pages of prose. Everything a literary agent wants to see in a submission, and we'll really make it shine. Read more here.

Novel synopsis overhaul

This is a service for those who are currently writing, or about to start. We'll delve into three rounds of editing for your novel outline. You give me your best shot at your idea, and I will find opportunities, issues, and where the potential truly lies. We do a total of three revision rounds, until you have a strong road map from which to write your novel. Read more here.


picture book Editing

The picture book is a lively, fun, and wonderful market. I will give you comprehensive notes on your strongest picture book manuscript, feedback on your query, and a critique of up to three additional ideas you might have in your pipeline. Read more here.


Partial Novel manuscript editing

Whether you want me to read 50, 100, or 200 pages of your manuscript, I will give you comprehensive and actionable margin notes. You choose the length, and reap the benefits of careful attention on every paragraph and page. Read more here.

full Novel manuscript Editing

My most time-intensive and exciting service, for serious writers only. The Full Manuscript Edit includes careful attention on every single page of your novel manuscript, from start to finish. You will receive thousands of notes, and unlimited back-and-forth for clarification as you dive into your revision. Availability is very limited due to the comprehensive nature of this service. Read more here.

REader report

A new and very popular service. I'll read your entire manuscript, top to bottom, and give you actionable, summarized feedback in the shape of a Reader Report document. We did these all the time at the agency. I'll comment on major elements like character, plot, voice, writing style, and give you practical, concise advice with citations from the text. Read more here.

create your own

I am more than happy to design a custom service for you. Read more here.

Mary got me one of the best agents in the business! Okay, okay, that’s not strictly true – I did actually write the stuff myself, but I did it with the help of Mary’s editing services. After working with her on several manuscripts, I signed with my dream rep. Mary’s critiques continue to help me – I now apply her advice to every story I write and it’s really working!
— Franziska G.